TROPOSIF products:

The TROPOSIF products consists in:

    • SIF estimates at 740 nm derived from a data driven approach based on a linear forward model fitting TOA radiances in the far-red spectral region:
    • SIF data set derived from the 743–758 nm window  (baseline  SIF product)
    • SIF data set from the extended 735–758 nm window (secondary SIF product)
  • The SIF data from the 735–758 nm window have an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio but a higher sensitivity to atmospheric conditions than the SIF estimates from the 743–758 nm window
  • Spectral surface reflectance in 7 bands covering the 665–785 nm range

The covered time period is May 2018 to Mars 2021

TROPOSIF: Daily SIF@740nm (from 743-758nm)

Documents and informative materials:

Data format:

The TROPOSIF products are provided in self-explanarory netCDF-4 files as ungridded data. Two types of data files are available:

  • L2 data: orbit files, all retrievals (quality flag)
  • L2B data: daily files, only valid retrievals

Data availability:

The Data Use Policy is available here.

For now only the L2B data are available at: